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Having to call out emergency plumbers in Sandton is never a pleasant experience. Our team of experienced emergency plumbers aims to make this experience as painless as possible. As experienced emergency plumbers in Sandton and surrounds, we offer fast, professional service that is reliable and efficient. Before you type emergency plumbers near me into your smartphone, call us.

With us, you can count on

  • Fast emergency plumbing response times
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Our experienced team of plumbing professionals have seen all kinds of plumbing emergencies. No emergency is too big, too small, or too messy for us. Whether you have a blocked drain, leak in your kitchen sink, or burst geyser, we will fix it in two ticks. We have the relevant experience and the right tools for the job.

Fast Emergency Plumbers in Sandton

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Often, when our clients find themselves in need of an emergency plumber, they have a burst pipe in their home.

Identifying a burst pipe is usually very simple due to the havoc it wreaks. Here, you would generally see a jet of water spurting from the ground like a fountain, if the pipe is located under your lawn or paving. In the case where this pipe is situated in a wall, you will have an enormous damp or wet spot on the wall. You might even hear water running inside the wall in extreme cases. If your walls are thin or if the pipe runs inside a drywall, the water jetting from the burst pipe may have broken through the wall. This is extreme and not that common, but it does happen. Here, a stream of water will gush from your wall. This is where an emergency plumber as provided by Bradley Plumbing Services can offer significant value.

Burst pipes are not always easy to repair. First, our emergency plumber will turn off the main water supply to have a relatively dry place to work, and also to prevent untold amounts of water adding to your utility bill at the end of the month. Next, we inspect the extent of the damage. Regardless of the scope of the injury, the burst section of pipe must be replaced. If the tube is easily accessible, this is relatively simple. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case.

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If you are looking for emergency plumbers near me online, then make sure to give Bradley Plumbing Services a call for fast plumbing help.

If the burst section of pipe is buried under your lawn of paving, it must be dug up. This digging process is backbreaking work that could take a few hours. If the offending section of pipe is located inside a wall, the brickwork, tiling and plaster must be taken out. This is also a messy, time-consuming job that will leave your home under a pile of concrete dust. Not the most pleasant thought.

Next, the damaged pipe is cut out and removed. This section of pipe must then be replaced with a new section of pipe that fits well with the rest of the plumbing system. The joints that integrate it into the rest of the system must be adequately sealed to prevent future leaks and other damage.

You don’t have to do endless searches for emergency plumbers near me online. Bradley Plumbing Services is your go-to company.

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Fast Emergency Plumbers in Sandton