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Geyser Repair

Geyser repair may entail an easy quick-fix solution, or it could be an involved, complicated job. Whatever the case, call the best geyser repair plumber in Sandton for the job. That’s us. We know geysers inside and out and, after the initial assessment, we will know exactly what went wrong with your geyser. Our expert plumbers have experience in dealing with electrical, solar and gas geysers.

Electrical Geyser Repair

If you wake up in the night to the sound of water gushing through your ceiling, it probably means that your geyser burst. This is not good news and generally entails purchasing a new appliance. Before you frantically type “geyser repair Sandton” into your smartphone, call us. Our response time is like lightning and our service is professional and efficient. We will assess the situation, offering you expert advice before presenting you with a detailed, fair quote. You will know what you’re paying for – no hidden costs, guaranteed.

You hop into the shower before work only to be met with a blast of cold water. That’s terrible! In this case, there are usually one of two causes: either load shedding went on longer than expected and your geyser cooled down completely, or the thermostat and heating element are faulty. Unfortunately, we can’t help you with the load shedding.

We do know how to check the functionality of your appliance’s thermostat and heating element, however. These are usually quick and easy to replace, especially if you have a relatively new model geyser. Depending on the warranty, the supplier might even agree to replace the entire unit, in which case we will gladly assist in the installation.

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Solar Geyser Repair

If you need a geyser repair plumber to have a look at your solar geyser, there’s usually one of two things that went wrong: leaks or debris.

Solar geysers contain far more tubing than their gas and electrical counterparts. Over time, these tubes may suffer damage and spring a leak as a result. When this is the case, the faulty piece of tubing must be replaced with pipe made of the correct type of material.

Sometimes, debris builds up on the solar geyser’s tubes. Usually, a blast of clean water and a quick scrub is enough to rectify this. The tricky part is getting to the solar geyser without tumbling from the roof. Our team of experts use the right safety equipment to keep us safe under these circumstances.

Gas Geyser Repair

Gas geysers usually malfunction when water pressure, or the change in water pressure when the tap is opened, is inadequate. We have the right tools and relevant experience to evaluate your home water pressure and rectify the situation as needed.

Once we’ve assessed your geyser problems, our team of experts will present you with a precise, detailed quote. You will know exactly what we charge for and when you can expect completion of the job. We don’t do hidden costs – no one likes bill shock. Our work is excellent, done efficiently not to waste your time.

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