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Leak detection is a tricky business. Usually, the first clue you have that it’s time to call out a leak detection plumber, is when you receive an excessively high water bill at the end of the month. By this time, the leaking pipe, tap or joint could have wasted thousands of liters of water already. If this is where you find yourself, don’t waste time searching leak detection Sandton on your smartphone. Call the best leak detection plumber in Sandton to assist you. That’s Bradley Plumbing Services. We have years of experience and know what to do to find and repair this leak.

What Causes Plumbing Leaks? Plumbing leaks come in all shapes and sizes and thus have an even greater range of causes. In our experience, the most common plumbing leaks are pipes inside the walls. These are usually caused by poor installation.

How does installation cause plumbing leaks? When water flows through pipes, these pipes vibrate a bit. This is especially noticeable when taps are opened suddenly or when air is trapped inside pipes. This vibration puts strain on plumbing joints, which could damage them in the long run. Plumbing pipes that run inside walls are usually in contact with rough concrete or plaster. If these pipes are poorly installed, they will have considerable room for movement. Here, the vibrations in the tube cause the pipe to rub against the rough concrete or brick surface, which would wear down the pipelining. Once the lining is thin enough, water will seep through. With high enough water pressure, the pipe may burst catastrophically. Usually, this is not the case, and you’re faced with a slow leak that gets bigger over time.

Accurate Leak Detection Plumbers in Sandton

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Another cause is water pressure that is too high for the installed pipes and fittings. When a new plumbing system is installed, it is essential to match the grade of pipes, joints and other accessories to the normal water pressure and flow rate. If the pipes, joints and fittings cannot handle the water pressure, they will leak or burst. Again, this usually starts as a slow leak that increases over time.

Another possible cause of plumbing leaks is extreme temperature changes. Luckily, this is not too relevant to Sandton with our moderate climate. If the ambient temperature drops below freezing long enough for the water inside the pipes to freeze, pressure will build up inside the pipes. This increase in pressure is due to water’s expansion when it freezes. When the water thaws again, the pressure decreases. This freeze-thaw cycle will damage the integrity of the pipelining, causing it to leak or burst.

Finding a Plumbing Leak – Generally, a leaking pipe will cause a wet or damp spot on the wall or floor near the leak. When you see this, it’s time to call the leak detection plumber. In some cases, the hole could be hidden. Here, water could run from the leak straight into the home’s foundations or even down the drain, completely undetected, other than the exorbitant water bill. If this is the case, a leak detection plumber will search for hot spots on the wall. This will show up if the hot water pipes are leaking.

If this still does not bear fruit, all taps and valves are closed. Opening them one-by-one while monitoring the property’s water meter will narrow down the area where the leak will be found.

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Accurate Leak Detection Plumbers in Sandton