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For all your sewer installation needs, call Bradley Plumbing Services.

Sewer lines play a vital role in your home. By transporting wastewater to a local sanitation facility for treatment, this large system of pipes keeps you and your family from a messy situation.

Before beginning sewer installation, make sure to speak with us to ensure the most cost effective solution for your sewer installation requirement.

Typically, a sewer line is connected when a home is first built. However, pipes can deteriorate over the years due to frost, groundwater, soil changes, roots and hard water.

The initial sewer installation is usually less expensive because landscaping, driveways and walkways are not in the way and building materials and heavy machinery are already on site.

Please know that sewer line installation is not a do-it-yourself project.

If root infiltration was the initial cause of your sewer replacement or repair, then we have to consider what role roots will play in future. Tree roots can be especially dangerous to pipes containing wastewater.

It’s always best to have only shallow grass covering all sewer pipes and keeping trees 5 to 10 feet away from the pipes.

We consider all types of risk scenarios so that we can install, repair or replace sewers at cost effective prices.

Our Sandton Plumbers are ready to assist you with all your sewer installation needs.

Are you considering solar geyser installation? Please give us a call.

Quick Sewer Installation Plumbers in Sandton