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Geyser installation doesn’t have to be a swear word. For your peace of mind, get the best geyser installation plumber to do the job for you. Before you search geyser installation Sandton on your smartphone, give Bradley Plumbing Services a call. We will assess your needs and give expert advice on the best geyser installation solution for your home or business.

Rightsizing – Your new geyser installation must match your home or business’s needs. As experienced geyser installation plumbers in Sandton, we will guide you in determining what your home’s hot water demand is. Once you’ve established this, you can further decide on the type of geyser you need – electrical, solar, or gas. If you choose electrical, we will guide you in selecting between horizontal and vertical, as well as the best energy rating for your new appliance.

Vertical or Horizontal Geyser? Most people don’t even know that there is a difference between vertical and horizontal geyser installation. Traditional geysers are vertically mounted; the horizontal geysers are a relatively new phenomenon. The reason for this new option is vertical space constraints. When you’re contemplating a geyser installation in Sandton and surrounds, it’s probably in a flat or other smaller residential unit. These usually don’t have a lot of vertical, or hidden ceiling space available. Here, horizontal geyser installation solved the problem, since these can be wall-mounted in the bathroom, if needed. The downside is that they are usually more expensive than their vertical counterparts. They are also a bit more tricky to install than the upright models, as well as being less energy efficient.

Reliable Geyser Installation Plumbers in Sandton

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If you are looking for geyser installation near me online, then call Bradley Plumbing Services. Your geyser installation near me expert plumbing solution.

Energy Saving – Geysers and ovens are the two appliances that use the most substantial portion of electricity in your home. For a new geyser installation, it is essential to evaluate the energy rating before you install. Modern technology has made geysers incredibly efficient, especially with the drive towards green living.

Installing a geyser blanket will add to the energy efficiency of your geyser installation. These simple gadgets keep the heat in, decreasing the frequency with which the geyser’s heating element has to switch on to maintain water temperature.

It’s a good idea to switch off your geyser when it’s not in use, such as when you’re away from home for the weekend. Doing this would save the energy needed to keep the water at the required setpoint for that time. When you return home, switching the geyser back on would allow the thermostat and heating element to reheat the water to the setpoint. In most home geysers, this takes about an hour.

Lifespan and Warranty – You don’t want a geyser installation that will give up the ghost in a few years. No, you need something that will last for years and years to come. For this reason, it is vital to choose a high-quality appliance from a reputable supplier. As experienced geyser installation plumbers, we know which geysers give more trouble than they’re worth and which ones are worth the investment. We will guide you in this choice, balancing your budget, needs and the expected lifespan of your purchase.

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If you want to know whether your geyser can be fixed instead of being replaced, then please visit our geyser repair page.

Reliable Geyser Installation Plumbers in Sandton