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Drain camera inspections are normally recommended and performed when drain blockages reoccur on a regular basis.

These blockages are usually caused by either a broken or collapsed underground pipe, a root-infested pipe, large amount of fat and soap buildup or an incorrectly installed pipe with a back fall that will result in water not being able to flow and cause solids to pile up and block the pipe.

Conventional drain rods that are used by all plumbers including ourselves only partially remove these kinds of obstacles and it is recommended that should a blockage reoccur within two to three months from unblocking the drain, a camera drain inspection is to be considered in order to determine the real cause of the problem and to identify the position making it much cheaper to repair as the extent and position of the problem is known.

In order for a CCTV drain camera inspection to be done, the drain has to be in an unblocked state as the camera can’t see through the murky water. Should you have a re-occurring blocked drain, it would be wise to have a drain camera inspection done as soon as possible after the drain had been unblocked.

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Reliable Drain Camera Inspection in Sandton