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Gas Geyser Installation

If you’re contemplating taking your home or office off the grid, you need a gas geyser installation. Get the best gas geyser installation plumbers in Sandton to work with you on this. That’s Bradley Plumbing Services. When you search for gas geyser installation Sandton online, you will find our name at the top of the list.

Advantages of Installing a Gas Geyer

There are two main advantages to a gas geyser installation: energy cost and reliable hot water supply.

Gas geysers use LPG (low-pressure gas) to heat water. Since you don’t use electricity, you will save the bulk of your home’s energy bill. That’s good news! LPG is also cost-effective and affordable, and comes in canisters of varying sizes. You pay an initial deposit for your canister, after which you only pay for refills. If you manage your home’s gas consumption smartly, one canister could last quite long. You would have minimal costs in refilling your canisters.

Gas geyser installations function “on demand”. Here, water is heated only when and for as long as the hot water tap is open. As long as you have an adequate supply of LPG, your gas geyser won’t run empty, providing you with hot water 24/7.

Quick Gas Geyser Installation in Sandton

Disadvantages of Gas Geyser Installations

There are not many disadvantages to gas geyser installations. The main problem relates to water pressure. Gas geysers switch on when the pressure sensor in the geyser registers an adequate drop in water pressure, as is the case when you open a hot water tap quickly. If you use highly efficient water-wise fittings, the flow of water through your shower will be throttled considerably. Here, the pressure drop may be too low for the pressure sensor to pick up. If this is the case, your gas geyser will either fail to switch on, or will switch on and off while you shower. The effect will be either no hot water supplied, or an intermittent supply.

This challenge is easily mitigated through the use of the correct tap and shower fittings. Our experienced gas geyser plumber will guide you through the process of selecting the most suitable accessory for your installation.

Choosing a Gas Geyser

You’ve decided that a gas geyser installation is the way to go. Now, let our experienced gas geyser plumber work with you in selecting the right unit for your home.

Gas geysers are rated according to water flow rate. The rating on the unit indicates the water flow rate when the geyser is cold, in other words, when water flows directly to the outlet instead of through the unit’s radiator. When the geyser is switched on, the flow rate would be roughly half of the cold flow rate. In other words, if your unit is rated at 20 litres per minute, you can expect a flow of hot water at 10 litres per minute, if your tap is opened full blast.

The water pressure in most homes allow for a flow rate of about 10 litres per minute. Thus a 20 litres per minute unit is usually adequate. This would change your water pressure level differs from the standard – it might be if you have a borehole on the property. You might also want a larger unit, allowing for a more significant flow rate, if you’re going to run multiple showers at the same time.

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Quick Gas Geyser Installation in Sandton