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If you’re planning a major plumbing project in your home, don’t waste time by typing plumbers near me into your search engine. Call us. We’re the best plumbers in Sandton and surrounds, and our pro team has seen it all. Whether it’s a bathroom renovation, kitchen remodelling or a plumbing system for a brand-new building, we’ve got the right experience and the right tools for the job.

We will offer expert advice on the best fittings and plumbing pipes to use, and provide affordable solutions to spacing and space-saving challenges. Together, we will design a new bathroom that suits both your budget and your taste.

If you’re wondering which type of plumbing pipe to install in your new home, don’t search for plumbers near me on your phone. We will offer you pro advice based on our experience and the new industry best-practices. Generally, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) water pipes are used inside the home. These pipes come in various sizes and are suitable for both hot and cold water use. It is best to use these new pipes in areas where they will be covered and protected from direct sunlight, since UV rays damage these over time. Damaged PVC water pipes leak and rupture, necessitating an emergency call-out odd hours.

Older homes would have cast iron or galvanized iron (GI) plumbing pipes. These water pipes are not commonly used anymore, so when these spring a leak, they are usually replaced with PVC or copper water pipes. Sewerage pipes are often concrete pipes lined with an acid-resistant material. These are more durable for those specific plumbing applications, since sewerage pipes require greater structural integrity than the water pipes installed in your home’s walls.

Fast Plumbers Near Me in Sandton

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There is an astounding range of plumbing fittings on the market. Each joint is suited to a specific purpose and type of water pipe and should be chosen accordingly. Here is a brief look at the types of fittings you will find in your home plumbing system.

Adaptor – connects different kinds of water pipes. This could be two PVC pipes of different diameters, of a copper and PVC water pipe of the same width, or any other combination you can imagine.

Elbow – allows pipes to go around corners. Copper plumber pipes lose structural integrity when bent to go around a corner, hence the need for an elbow joint. PVC water pipes will pinch closed when turned around a corner, and concrete water pipes physically can’t bend.

Double Tapped Bushing – this connector screws into two adjoining water pipes of the same kind, locking them together.

The simplest way to save water in your home is to use water-wise fittings in your bathroom and kitchen. There are a variety of products on the market to choose from – our pro plumber will help you make the choice.

To start, choose a new water-wise shower head. With modern technology, you can still experience luxurious water pressure without using the same volume of water – you will barely even notice the difference.

Taps are your next stop. The new innovations in water-wise, fashionable faucets for both bathroom and kitchen use are astounding. Our pro plumber will guide you in choosing the option that works best for your home.

If you want to work with reliable plumbers, then make sure to give Bradley Plumbing Services a call today.

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Fast Plumbers Near Me in Sandton