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Solar Geyser Installation

Solar geyser installation is the ultimate off-grid, cost-effective hot water solution. Apart from the initial installation cost, there is no cost involved. If load shedding has you cursing cold showers and the cost of electricity, call the best solar geyser plumber in the business to help you make the switch. When you search solar geyser Sandton, you will find our name at the top of the list. Our team of experienced plumbers are reliable and do work of the highest quality.

If you’re unsure where to start in your quest for solar geyser installation, here are a few pointers:

Direct Vs Indirect System – Solar geyser installations heat water in one of two ways: direct or indirect. In the direct system, water is heated directly by the sunlight. Here, water experiences more exposure to ambient conditions, so this is not suited to areas that experience frost.

Indirect systems use a heat exchange mechanism to heat the water. These systems are ideal for areas that experience frost since the water is better protected from ambient conditions.

Tank Size – Your home’s hot water demand will influence your choice of tank size. A rough estimate would be to budget 50 L of water per day per person living in your home, with an extra 50 L per day for general domestic use. Solar geysers take longer to heat than their traditional electrical counterparts, so having a larger tank gives you some buffer to work with.

Affordable Solar Geyser Installation in Sandton

Solar Geyser Installation Near Me

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Climate – Solar geysers need sunshine to function. Luckily, we live in South Africa, where sunlight is abundant, nearly all year round. The prevailing climate determines the size of the heating panel you would couple with your solar geyser. Here, you have various factors to consider, including surface area and pipe aperture. In hot regions where the temperate often exceed 30°C, the water in your solar geyser could reach boiling point. To protect your hot water system from this, a cold water mixer is installed. Here, cold water will be allowed into the system when the temperature in the tank reaches a predetermined setpoint. Our experienced solar geyser plumber will guide you through the process of choosing the correct setup for your home.

Split vs Close Coupled Systems – Your solar geyser could be the standard close-coupled thermosiphon system, or it could be a split pumped system.

Having a closed coupled system means that the heating panel (the pipes where the water is heated) is located directly beneath the holding tank. Here, both the heating panel and the reservoir are on the roof. This is the simplest option, since water is circulated naturally, according to the laws of thermodynamics. Here, hot water rises, flowing into the reservoir, while cold water moves down into the heating panel.

In a split pumped system, the holding tank is located away from the heating panel, usually in the ceiling. A small pump circulates water between the heating panel and the holding tank. While this system is more complicated than the other, your hot water reservoir is better protected from the elements and thus better insulated.

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Affordable Solar Geyser Installation in Sandton